Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12-4-13 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

I Have A Twitter Conversation With Randi Weingarten
This was fun.Had a little conversation with AFT President Randi Weingarten on the Twitter. Randi wrote yesterday:This is a dark day 4 the people of Detroit who worked hard,played by the rules & are at risk of losing everything: It— Randi Weingarten (@rweingarten) December 4, 2013To which I replied:@rweingarten @BAT_teacher Illinois too. Maybe labor should forgo seat at t
NYSED Commissioner King And Regents Chancellor Tisch Show Their Cowardice
Via Ed Notes, we find that King and Tisch have just announced Common Core meetings, giving about a week's notice, give or take a day:More from Leonie:Just learned that the first NYC NYSED/Regents forums on Common Core, testing and privacy – of which 16 others have already been scheduled and most held elsewhere in the state – are going to be held in Bronx and Brooklyn on the same night, just one we

No Wonder De Blasio Didn't Want An Open Process For The Chancellor Pick
With the news that Bill de Blasio's team may have reached out to Michelle Rhee acolyte/DCPS chancellor Kaya Henderson to interview her for the NYCDOE chancellor position, we now can see why he got snarky yesterday over his flip flop on having an open process to pick the chancellor.To recap, De Blasio said the following about picking a chancellor last year: He said at a mayoral forum a year ago tha

Even Michael Goodwin Thinks Bloomberg Is Lame
From the Goodwin in the Post:Mayor Bloomberg deserves an answer. “What can I do?” he demanded to know when reporters pressed him about his absence following Sunday’s train crash. Here’s his answer: Show up. That’s the job, and until Jan. 1, he should do it without whining. It is a blot on his record that he remained AWOL despite knowing the horrific details. As four riders lay dead and scores were

Did De Blasio Interview Kaya Henderson To Be The Next NYCDOE Chancellor?
On the heels of Bill de Blasio's flip flop over wanting an open process for the picking of the chancellor comes this doozy from the NY Times:In recent weeks, Mr. de Blasio and his team have reached out to Dr. Starr, the superintendent of the Montgomery County school district, and Kaya Henderson, chancellor of the Washington school system, say people close to Dr. Starr and Ms. Henderson. It was unc
De Blasio Is Full Of @#$% Over Chancellor Pick Process Flip Flop
And so we get the first slimy move post-election by de Blasio:Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that when he called for a public screening of schools chancellor candidates, his point was merely that the city must avoid a repeat of the Cathie Black debacle.De Blasio was asked to explain an apparent reversal: He said at a mayoral forum a year ago that schools chancellor candidates must undergo a “serious
12-3-13 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School: Shouldn't Tisch, King And Steiner Be Under Investigation For Corruption?There is a shadow government running the state education department here in NY State. We know that Regents Chancellor Tisch paid out of her own pocket for these private employees to run NYSED offices.Millions more came from the Gates Foundation, the Robin Hood Foundation, General Electric and a bunch of