Monday, May 6, 2013

UPDATE: The problem with Pearson-designed tests + They made him take the test

They made him take the test:

The problem with Pearson-designed tests that threatens thousands of scores

They made him take the test
Nobody stopped it.
Nobody in Florida with the power to do so stopped the state from forcing a 9-year-old boy named Michael, who was born with a brain stem but not a complete brain, from taking an alternative version of the standardized Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.
He is blind and he can’t talk, nor can he understand basic information, but, yes, Michael had to “take” the test.
wrote about Michael recently when it became news that he was going to have to take the test. For those who didn’t see that post, here’s some background: Michael, shortly after birth, came into the care of a woman named Judy Harris who owns and operates an Orlando care facility for children called the Russell House. The facility is under school board jurisdiction and, therefore, is subject to the same rules and regulations as other schools, including the requirement that every child must take some version of the FCAT.
News 13 story reported that the state provided a teacher to work with Michael twice a week for an hour, but his ability to comprehend is beyond extremely limited. News 13

Eighteen myths about education

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