Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jersey Jazzman: Incompetent Corporatists Shouldn't Run Schools!

Jersey Jazzman: Incompetent Corporatists Shouldn't Run Schools!:

Incompetent Corporatists Shouldn't Run Schools!

When I see that America's business titans are making education policy while teachers are kicked to the curb, it makes me crazy. Partially because I'm angry that we're being excluded; partially because these guys shouldn't get tax gifts to amass the billions they spend to remake schools the way they want them.

But what really makes me nuts is that these "titans" shouldn't be allow to run anything until they clean up their own messes! Take James Crown of Chicago:
It remains unclear how much JPMorgan's risk committee knew about the trades that led to the massive loss, and whether a chief risk officer was reporting to the committee, Clayton said.
His group wants the bank to replace James Crown and Ellen Futter, who are members of the board's three-person risk policy committee, with individuals who have deeper experience in banking and financial regulation.
"Having somebody with regulatory experience - whether it's the SEC or the Fed or another regulator is very valuable," Clayton said.
According to JPMorgan's annual report, a chief risk officer oversees risk management at