Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amber Cabral Makes Race Palpable | The Jose Vilson

Amber Cabral Makes Race Palpable | The Jose Vilson:

Amber Cabral Makes Race Palpable

Let her cook:
Most of us who have children, teach them as we were taught: that people are going to hate you because you are Black. People are going to make you prove yourself twice as often. People are going to expect twice as much before they help you or even give you the respect owed to a whole man. People are going to not hold doors for you, gossip about you, doubt your intelligence. People are going to call you nigger. Police are always looking for you. And you must stand tall and peaceful against these things. You must quietly rise above them, and work still to be the you that the world deserves, because you also, because of your skin, have no right to be angry.
Go read the rest. I had something to say here, but Amber’s post usurped that. Thank me later.
Jose, who will post frequently this week …