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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Teacher Evaluations (Hammers & Nails) | Blue Cereal Education

Teacher Evaluations (Hammers & Nails) | Blue Cereal Education
Teacher Evaluations (Hammers & Nails)

Reality TV MontageThere’s a difference between caring how well you’re actually doing your job and caring how well you do on official evaluations. Ideally, the two at least overlap - like a Venn Diagram or pop and hip-hop. That’s not always a given, however. In practice, it’s often more like the relationship between reality and reality TV.

I know a teacher I’ll call Mr. Lutum. Mr. Lutum has been teaching forever - long enough that he began to fear he’d grown a bit stale. After some soul searching and a few months of crippling doubt and despair, he decided that if he were going to continue teaching, he at least needed a fresh start and a serious change of scenery.

He took a position in a high poverty, majority-minority district in the building people only work at until they have enough seniority to go elsewhere. Lutum figured he’d put his lofty rhetoric and progressive ideals to the test and see if he actually had the chops to work with kids who are nothing like himself – and without being either cynical or CONTINUE READING: Teacher Evaluations (Hammers & Nails) | Blue Cereal Education