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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A parent’s plea – Educate Louisiana

A parent’s plea. – Educate Louisiana
A Parent’s Plea

When I first decided to advocate for education policy, it was my hope that I could educate the public (parents, teachers, students, etc.) about education policy, and how it affects them. There has been instances when my writings drilled down to specific school districts, but I have always tried to address issues by providing specific statutes and/or policies that, if followed, would eliminate the issue. In recent years, I have been pulled away from advocacy by the needs of my own family, a pandemic, two hurricanes, an ice age, and now, a 100 year flood. When this parent reached out to me, I realized that there are so many things wrong about this incident that the only way I could help is to make sure that as many people as possible hear about it.

Below you will find the letter written to me by a parent that I am publishing with their permission. It is long. It is hard to read. And it is heart-breaking. Fair warning, it contains profanity, but it is relevant to the incident. My intent is not to generate racist comments, or for people to taking black or white positions. This is about the fine line between handling issues that occur out of school when they cross over into school, and how a failure to take into consideration the behaviors of others that drive a student into a corner and ultimately lashes out. But more importantly, the right for every child to receive an education in a safe and loving environment. Please share.

This letter is in regards to our son, Sam McCarley, a 6th grade student at Sherwood Middle School. 

Our hell started on April 27th… Actually it had been growing up to that point, but, that was the day that it all exploded, and the CONTINUE READING: A parent’s plea. – Educate Louisiana