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Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 NewBlackMan (in Exile)

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How Barbers are Looking out for Their Clients' Mental Health
'Black men are crying out. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for young Black Americans; and our young men are at particular risk. Stigmas, health care access, and social pressures to appear hyper-masculine stop a lot of Black men from getting help. But a grassroots program known as The Confess Project is trying to break this pattern. Trymaine Lee talks to the founder of The Confess Pr
Invisible Blackness – Interview with Roy Choi
' Roy Choi is the son of Korean immigrants and a hip hop aficionado. His culinary food truck empire built a bridge between race and socio economic class by normalizing eating in the streets of LA. In this episode Roy and host Adrian Younge discuss the power of food justice as a path to social equality and the meaningful dance between food and identity.'
'Love Letter To Black Boys': Memoir Explores Masculinity Against Appalachian Backdrop
' Brian Broome began writing a memoir of his life when he was at the absolute bottom — in rehab for drug addiction in his 40s. "That's where it kind of officially started, and then when I got out of rehab, it just went from there," he tells Morning Edition . His book, Punch Me Up to the Gods , begins with his father beating a 10-year-old Broome with his fists. The blows by his father, and even hi
The Pioneering Legacy Of The International Sweethearts of Rhythm
' The International Sweethearts of Rhythm reached the height of their acclaim in the 1940s as the nation's first racially integrated all-women's jazz band. They toured the country and the world even as they faced discrimination on the basis of both race and gender. All Things Considered 's Michel Martin speaks to Cathy Hughes about the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, of which her mother was
Brand New Heavies at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works
' Racquel Chevremont and Mickalene Thomas , who are collectively known as Deux Femmes Noires, join All Of It to discuss their second curatorial project together titled, Brand New Heavies . The exhibition is on view at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works through June 20 and features monumental, site-specific installations by three artists: Abigail DeVille , Xaviera Simmons , and Rosa-Johan Uddoh .'
One Hundred, The Ed Gordon Podcast: Director, Actor Bill Duke
' Ed Gordon talks with trailblazing actor, director, Bill Duke . Duke talks about his scene-stealing roles in movies including American Gigolo and Predator to directing movies ( Hoodlum , Sister Act2 ) and television shows ( Miami Vice and Dallas ). Duke also talks about the hardships people of color encounter in Hollywood.'

 NewBlackMan (in Exile)