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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Student privacy HB256 – Fred Klonsky

Student privacy. HB256 – Fred Klonsky


Hi Fred! 
Thank you for posting about the edTPA videotaping bill. It was HB256, but that bill disappeared with the end of lame duck session. 
So, the current incarnation is SB808-SFA1. (= the language is in an education shell bell that’s being amended.)
People can put in a witness slip at this linkas a proponent of SFA1 for the hearing scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm.
It still has the same chief sponsor in the Senate, Laura Murphy (D-Park Ridge); she is a big advocate for protections for domestic violence victims, which is why she took on this bill. 
It doesn’t have an equivalent bill in the House, but with any luck it should move over there as SB808.
Support HB256, Rep. Will Guzzardi and Sen. Laura Murphy

Senate Chief Co-Sponsors: Iris Martinez, Bill Cunningham. Senate Co-Sponsors: Craig Wilcox, Dale Righter, Julie Morrison, Robert Peters, Robert Martwick.

House Co-Sponsors: Steven Reick, Mary E. Flowers, Tony McCombie, Sue Scherer, Linda Chapa LaVia, Katie Stuart, Michael Halpin, Robyn Gabel, Yehiel M. Kalish, Jonathan Carroll and John Connor.

Student teachers in Illinois must videotape themselves and their students to pass CONTINUE READING: Student privacy. HB256 – Fred Klonsky