Monday, February 8, 2021

Teacher Tom: Always Raising One Another

Teacher Tom: Always Raising One Another
Always Raising One Another

The other day I was walking along the sidewalk, just me and my own thoughts. As I came to the crosswalk, a woman approached at an angle that meant our paths would cross. I slowed my walk slightly and she responded by speeding up a bit so that we wouldn't collide. My actions guided her's and her actions guided mine, and so we passed one another without incident and went on our way.

We are among the species who raise their children. It's mostly a mammal thing, although birds do it as well. Most other animals, like sea turtles, lay their eggs and that's where their responsibilities end. We are at the other end of the parenting spectrum, with our babies remaining dependent upon us for years. Raising our young is so important to our survival that we've evolved females with lifespans that tend to extend for decades beyond menopause (who we call grandparents), a rarity in the animal kingdom, at least in part for the purpose of having extra adults on hand for the project of raising children. 

It's hard to argue that caring for children doesn't stand among the most important projects of every human CONTINUE READING: Teacher Tom: Always Raising One Another