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The Coffee Brand Beloved by Domestic Extremists
'Black Rifle is, at heart, a coffee company. But unlike the vast majority of coffee companies, it markets its beans with a highly militaristic branding that leans on gun-heavy, special-ops themed photoshoots with goofy product placement. Of course, guns and coffee don’t really have a lot in common. A shooting range session might leave you amped like back-to-back espressos, but that’s about it. On
Many Lumens with Maori Karmael Holmes: Blitz Bazawule
' Many Lumens host Maori Karmael Holmes chats with Blitz Bazawule , the musician, filmmaker, writer and painter. Topics include The Black Atlantic and Kwame Nkrumah, moving to middle America from Ghana, finding a creative tribe, and the multi-dimensional power of film as a tool for Afro diasporic storytelling.'
Black Art: In the Absence of Light (2021) | Official Trailer | HBO
“The American canon is not complete without it.” 'Black Art: In The Absence of Light (director: Sam Pollard ; executive producer: Henry Louis Gates ) is a look at Black American Art and representation using David Driskell ’s landmark Two Centuries of Black American Art exhibition​ as a framing device.' -- HBO
liquid blackness: Interview with Larry Clark
'Exclusive interview with filmmaker and professor Larry Clark about his legendary film, Passing Through (1977). Clark is interviewed by Alessandra Raengo of the liquid blackness collective.' Interview with Larry Clark by Alessandra Raengo from liquid blackness on Vimeo .

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