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Saturday, January 16, 2021

NYC Educator: Chasing the Vaccine

NYC Educator: Chasing the Vaccine
Chasing the Vaccine

On Sunday morning I decided to try the city site for the COVID vaccine. I'd heard that we would be eligible beginning Monday and that we could book early. It sounded like a great opportunity. I kept getting bounced off the site, over and over. I wasn't sure why that kept happening, but I was pretty persistent. It was quite annoying that even though you set up a profile, the site only recorded part of your information.

Every single time I got on, I had to copy the long number off of my GHI card. It also demanded a photo or scan of the card, and it was really irritating having to upload it every single time I hit the site. Usually I got bounced out before I hit an appointment. Sometimes the site told me I wasn't qualified for the vaccine. Those times I have to log back on and slog through the whole thing again.

A few times I got lucky, or at least I thought I did, In fact, on Sunday, I was able to score an appointment at 5:40 PM, that day, at Hillcrest High School. I was ready to go, even if it meant canceling my rumba lesson. However, when I pressed "next," it gave me some kind of warning. Are you sure you want to leave this site? Well, I figured I had to if I wanted to finalize this appointment, I had no choice. But oh my gosh, it sent me right back to the first screen. 

I then tried a few more times, but that appointment was gone. I never got all the way to the appointment again. Eventually I got tired of all the forms and CONTINUE READING: NYC Educator: Chasing the Vaccine