Saturday, October 31, 2020

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Positive student-teacher relationships benefit students' long-term health, study finds
Teens who have good, supportive relationships with their teachers enjoy better health as adults, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. Perhaps surprisingly, although friendships are important to adolescents, the study did not find the same link between good peer relationships and students' health in adulthood. "This research suggests that improving students' r
Potential Impact of COVID-19 School Closures on Academic Achievement
As the COVID-19 pandemic upended the 2019–2020 school year, education systems scrambled to meet the needs of students and families with little available data on how school closures may impact learning. I This study produced a series of projections of COVID-19-related learning loss based on (a) estimates from absenteeism literature and (b) analyses of summer learning patterns of 5 million students

OCT 28

Education Equity in Michigan
The Michigan Civil Rights Commission has released a 62-page report describing inequities in Michigan’s K-12 education system and detailing specific recommendations for action that policy makers and educators can implement to make achieving educational equity a priority in all Michigan schools. The report is the culmination of a series of public hearings and a year-long examination of disparities
NAEP: Grade 12 Reading Score Declines, Mathematics Score Unchanged
The average reading score for the nation’s twelfth-graders declined between 2015 and 2019 and there was no statistically significant change in twelfth-graders’ average mathematics score for the same time period, according to the latest results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)—also known as The Nation’s Report Card—released today by the National Center for Education Stat
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Update on Transfer Students
Complete report First Look Fall 2020 Report Highlights Transfer enrollments are down 4.7 percent from last fall, declining somewhat more steeply than undergraduate enrollments generally (-4.5%). Each transfer pathway, however, responded differently. The number of reverse transfers fell much more (-18.4%), along with summer swirlers (-10.8%) and lateral transfers (-8.3%), while upward transfers un

OCT 26

A new formula to minimize 'mathemaphobia'
Maths - it's the subject some kids love to hate, yet despite its lack of popularity, mathematics is critical for a STEM-capable workforce and vital for Australia's current and future productivity. In a new study by the University of South Australia in collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research, researchers have been exploring the impact of anxiety on learning maths, findin

OCT 22

Report Offers Early Lessons from Schools, Afterschool Programs Implementing Social and Emotional Learning Supports for Students
xx Developing adult capacity, creating shared vision, clear guidance among keys to success The Wallace Foundation today released a report detailing early lessons from a six-community, 38-site study examining implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and practices for elementary-age students and the adults who serve them. The RAND Corporation report presents findings from the
Report Concocts Supposed Economic Benefits of Pennsylvania’s Neovoucher Program
A Commonwealth Foundation report argues that expanding a program that uses tax credits to create vouchers for private schooling can lead to large economic gains for the state of Pennsylvania. Such gains would result from 

 Education Research Report