Friday, July 10, 2020

Taking a radio break – Fred Klonsky

Taking a radio break. – Fred Klonsky


My brother and I have been doing our radio show, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers for over three years.
We started doing our hour-long show every Friday morning at 11am in February of 2017. The studio at Lumpen Radio in the always sunny neighborhood of Bridgeport on Chicago’s south side made for a welcoming home.
In early 2017 our friends at Lumpen were just starting broadcasting a few months earlier. We asked if they were interested in having a couple of old guys who had been in the Movement our entire lives host a show of political talk.
They didn’t say yes right away. We had to audition. They asked us to do a pilot.
I guess it went well because we kept going every week with, activists, progressive politicians, radicals and revolutionaries, film makers, artists, future mayors, aspiring CONTINUE READING: Taking a radio break. – Fred Klonsky