Sunday, November 17, 2019

enrique baloyra: What is #TooFarLeft? - YouTube

What is #TooFarLeft? - YouTube

What is #TooFarLeft?

enrique baloyra

I get it when wingnuts like Tucker Carlson or Anne Coulter cry about the “radical left.” It’s their job. They get paid $millions to do it.
But when the man who swept into office on big hopes of transformational change tell an audience, “Persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans [whatever that is] are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain left leaning Twitter feeds, or the activist wing of our party,” what is going on?
I hate to break it to you, but anyone who after 70,000 brown children have been put in cages, tens of millions of Americans are losing their healthcare, veterans get deported, and the president openly admits he tried to extort a foreign power to meddle in our elections and still considers herself a Republican isn’t going to be persuaded by a little hope and some spare change.
You know that talking point that Medicare-For-All is unrealistic? Even the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation — founded by the Koch brothers —estimates it will actually cost three $trillion less than our current system over there next ten years.
Not to mention ensuring the most vulnerable members of our society is the right thing to do.
“White nationalism is allowed to be mainstreamed but not progressivism. That's why I say I don't trust anyone who has more to say about leftist twitter than racism. People are dying.”
I don’t hear establishment Republicans complain their party is
#TooFarRight when over 900 leaked emails confirm White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller is a white supremacist.
It’s not that we’re not grateful for everything he did. Clearly, he the most extraordinary individual to occupy the White House in generations.
But things have changed since Mr. Obama was last won an election in 2012. The worst case scenarios climate scientists warned us about have become the best case. The wealth gap has become a chasm, where billionaires have fleets of $40 million yachts and poor kids are publicly shamed when they can’t afford school lunch.
And regular people are genuinely outraged that the top corporations pay nothing in taxes.
And progressive ideas don’t just make economic sense, they’re also politically viable.
Over a hundred million otherwise eligible Americans aren’t voting because they feel neither party is speaking to them. You think a federal jobs package might get their attention? College loan forgiveness? Medicare For All?
Be bold. Go big. Or get out of the way.

What is #TooFarLeft? - YouTube