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Black History Month Part 4 - From Slavery to Reconstruction Elites to Jim Crow - The War Report on Public Education

BHM Part 4 - From Slavery to Reconstruction Elites to Jim Crow:

BHM Part 4 - From Slavery to Reconstruction Elites to Jim Crow

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Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for the final show in our series for Black History Month. The series has been exploring the 400 year struggle for freedom, justice, and equality affecting African Americans, and how these struggles have contributed to their current social, cultural, social-economic status in the context of a political economy within America.

This show will examine the tragic rise and fall of the African Americans - from slavery to Reconstruction elite status to Jim Crow which was a return to another kind of slavery for the African Americans.

During Reconstruction, high achieving black men would rise and thrive across America. The nation's capital would become the center and the birth place of country BLACK ELITE. The elite were to be the proof that blacks could assimilate into the cultural, social, political and economic world of White America.

Once again, the rug was pulled out from under them, and all African Americans, when these elites were betrayed by the federal government, PAID the price for reuniting the union. This was the return of slavery by another name - JIM CROW.

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Do not miss Dr. Miller's critical examination of the African and African American experience.

Knowledge is power!

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