Saturday, May 30, 2015

Marie Corfield: This Week in Weird (Ed Reform) NJ—Part 2

Marie Corfield: This Week in Weird (Ed Reform) NJ—Part 2:

This Week in Weird (Ed Reform) NJ—Part 2

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Holy moly! Just when I thought ed 'reform' in the Garden State couldn't get any weirder, all this happened in the past seven days. So, here's your one-stop shop for all the ed 'reform' news that's fit to print, whether it makes sense or not: 

  • *5/23 Thousands of Newark students defied Superintendent Cami Anderson's threats of consequences and walk out of classes to protest her regime and demand return of local control and fair funding of their public schools. Sounds like that 'reform' plan of hers is going swimmingly well!
  • 5/24 The Star Ledger posts yet another pro-PARCC shill piece (more on this below).
  • *5/25 Newark's Central High School Principal, Sharnee Brown, risks her job by starting a petition on calling for an end to the practices of Anderson's signature 'One Newark' plan that discriminate against the district's special education students.
  • *5/28 Newark Mayor, and former Central High School principal, Ras Baraka calls on the citizens of his city to take back the school district from Cami, Christie and Co.
  • 5/28 Gov. Christie says the Common Core State Standards aren't working, and vows to have parents and teachers involved in writing new ones. Wait, what
  • 5/29 Before the ink is dry on Christie's CCSS speech, the Star Ledger posts a pro Common Core piece by the Center for American Progress's Daniella Gibbs Leger that, once again, touts the magical ability of education 'reform' to Marie Corfield: This Week in Weird (Ed Reform) NJ—Part 2: