Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11-14 Curmudgucation - Forever Less Than, Frederick Douglass, and No Excuses


Forever Less Than, Frederick Douglass, and No Excuses

My esteemed colleague and exceptional citizen journalist over at Edushyster has an interview up that is well worth your time to read.She talks to Joan Goodman, director of the TFA program at U Penn, about the no excuse charters of Philadelphia (among other things, the piece is a reminder that we can not knee-jerkingly sort good guys and bad guys based simply on their affiliations). The interview i

9-10-14 Curmudgucation - Common Core 2.0?
CURMUDGUCATION: Common Core 2.0?Over at the Washington Post. Lindsey Layton is reporting on a survey by the Education Commission of the States about the Common Core. The ECS bills itself as a non-partisan research group, headed by a different governor each year, with a history stretching back to mid-sixties. They've produced a handy list that shows all the cool new names states have come up with f