Thursday, June 12, 2014

That Full-page Union-bashing Ad in USA Today | deutsch29

That Full-page Union-bashing Ad in USA Today | deutsch29:

That Full-page Union-bashing Ad in USA Today

June 12, 2014
Remember that five-story billboard five-story billboard in Times Square in  December 2013  and the accompanying full-page ad in the New York Times blaming American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten for 2012 US PISA scores?
Both were the work of a union-busting “nonprofit,” the deceptively-named Center for Union Facts.
Well, on June 12, 2014, the same union-busting group posted this full-page ad celebrating the teacher tenure mis-ruling in California’s Vergara trial:

The Vergara trial amounts to nothing more than well-funded privatizers attempting to strip teachers of due porcess rights. Here is a summation of the case as posted byeducation historian Diane Ravitch:
The plaintiffs argued that poor and minority children suffered because they had ineffective teachers who could not be fired. Lawyers for the teachers unions maintained that the causes of low performance were poverty and inadequate school funding. The plaintiffs prevailed and promised to take their cause to other states with strong teacher job protections, like New Jersey and New York.
There will be appeals, and the battle will spread to other states. As due process is That Full-page Union-bashing Ad in USA Today | deutsch29: