Thursday, April 3, 2014

4-3-13 Curmudgucation


Five Ways the USDOE Is Full of Baloney
The US Dept of Education blog, Homeroom, recently published a piece by Sara Gast (Director of Strategic Communications at USDOE) entitled "Five Ways Race to the Top Supports Teachers and Students." I keep checking posts like this to see how the administration's level of connection to Planet Earth is doing these days. Let's just see.Ms. Gast is pretty excited. In the four years since RttT

Keeping up Appearances
The one thing we Americans like better than solving problems is to look like we're solving problems.Take, for example, our desire for air traffic safety. After 9/11, we had a national rational urge to beef up security, to do something so that we would never experience such a terrible assault on our nation again. But because every national security issue is also a political issue, we had to conside

4-2-13 Curmudgucation
CURMUDGUCATION: Bubble Answers for an Essay WorldI have had the same conversation multiple times in the last week. I have had it with elementary teachers, secondary teachers, someone who works with young teachers, someone who works with college students. The crux of the conversation is something like this:I do not know what to do with these [persons]. They do not want to understand. They do not wa