Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1-15-14 Wait What?

Wait What?:

Whatever you do, don’t mention school funding and the school funding lawsuit!
The Malloy administration will be back in a Connecticut courtroom tomorrow, January 16, 2014, in their unending effort to destroy, derail or delay the court case known as Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell. CCJEF v. Rell is not only the most important school funding lawsuit in Connecticut history, it is safe […]The post Whatever you do, don’t mention school funding and

Michele Rhee’s StudentsFirst “education reform” group gives Louisiana a B-, Connecticut a D+
Michele Rhee and her corporate education reform industry advocacy group are back with their annual “report card.” Over the last three years Rhee and StudentsFirst (called GNEPSA here in Connecticut) have been one of Governor Malloy’s strongest supporters, helping to fund the most expensive lobbying campaign in Connecticut history.  To date, Rhee and her fellow […]The post Michele Rhee’s StudentsFi

1-14-14 Wait What?
Wait What?: Vallas demand for $16,500 in extra taxpayer funds succeedsPaul Vallas will be getting an extra $16,500 from Bridgeport and Connecticut taxpayers thanks to last night’s 5-4 vote of the Bridgeport Board of Education.  After heavy lobbying from Mayor Bill Finch and Vallas supporters, newly elected board member Democrat Dave Hennessey, who was part of the successful anti-Finch challenge sl