Sunday, December 15, 2013

Awake You Sleeping Giant! | Parents United for Public Education

Awake You Sleeping Giant! | Parents United for Public Education:

Awake You Sleeping Giant!

(Photo: Harvey Finkle)
(Photo: Harvey Finkle)
Parent Tonayia Coffer
Parent Tonayia Coffer
Despite the frigid temperature on Thursday afternoon, over 100 people crowded the corners of Bustleton and Cottman Avenues, one of the busiest intersections in Northeast Philadelphia chanting to the beat of Northeast High School’s marching band: “S.O.S. – Save our Schools!” “Whose schools? Our Schools!”
The rally – supported by PCAPs and Parents United for Public Education – was not only a protest against the funding levels for Philadelphia’s public schools. It was a call to action for the entire Northeast. As a member of the Northeast community and a parent of public school children, I feel we have been way too quiet.  It is far time for us to join the fight and make ourselves heard about our wonderful yet overcrowded and poorly funded neighborhood schools.
Parent Tonayia Coffer helped organize a rally for the Northeast that drew more than 100 teachers, parents, and students to call for full funding of schools. (Photo: Harvey Finkle)
It was empowering to be among the crowd of fellow parents, teachers, students, and advocates. PCAPS stated in an article that:
Rally organizers hope to build on this and develop a Northeast area network that can strengthen the fight for public education. The Northeast region has a reputation for strong, neighborhood schools, but the current budget crisis threatens to unravel public education throughout the city. Cuts to bi-lingual staff at schools that serve