Sunday, December 15, 2013

12-15-13 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

NY Post's Michael Goodwin Misleads Over De Blasio Chancellor Search
Another Sunday at the NY Post, more lies from NY Post propagandist Michael Goodwin.Here's the part of the Goodwin column relevant to our topic here at Perdido Street Schools:Seeking fools for NYC schoolsBill de Blasio is having a hard time getting to yes. Depending on who is counting, as many as three people have turned down an offer to be the new schools chancellor.The latest “thanks, but no than

How The NYPD And The NYCDOE Suffer From The Same Bloombergian Disease
It's called checklistitis - as in, the corporate managers of the NYPD and the NYCDOE, people with little to no actual experience in the jobs they're now managing other people for, demand accountability of underlings through endless checklists on which every category of data must get checked or else there is hell to pay.In the end, the only thing that matters in such a system is the checklist and m

Mary Pat Christie Isn't Laughing This Weekend
The George Washington Bridge traffic lane closures scandal in New Jersey just gets more and more troublesome for Governor Blustery himself, Chris Christie.In the beginning, when critics first began to ask questions about why Christie's Port Authority appointees closed lanes to the GWB on the NJ side in September for an alleged traffic study that nobody saw conducted, Christie laughed the questions
12-14-13 Perdido Street School Week
Perdido Street School: Perdido Street School Week mark as readPro-Common Core Speakers At NYC Forums Used Talking Points Scripts With TimelinesVia Chris Cerrone, we learn the following from the Epoch Times about those Common Core supporters who flocked to the NYC Common Core forums to talk up the wonders of CCSS and testing:NEW YORK—In contrast to the angry crowds of parents who attended forums wi