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When Healthy Food Access is an Issue for Babies: New Video Explains “First Food Deserts” « MomsRising Blog

When Healthy Food Access is an Issue for Babies: New Video Explains “First Food Deserts” « MomsRising Blog:

When Healthy Food Access is an Issue for Babies: New Video Explains “First Food Deserts”

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Improving healthy food access for children is important work. But what about babies? We know that in so-called food deserts, health outcomes are impacted  when residents lack  easy access to the most healthful foods. In the same way, when babies miss out on their most healthful first food–breast milk–because a mother cannot access the resources and support to continue breastfeeding, it is our youngest, most vulnerable children who pay the price. In far too many communities, babies are born into “first food deserts”–areas with extremely limited or no support for mothers who choose to breastfeed. These areas correlate to poor infant health outcomes and higher infant mortality rates. This animated infographic explains. Learn how we can all transform first food deserts into First Food Friendly communities.

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Mom vs. Sugar
Although I love the month of October for changing leaves, cooling temperatures, apples, cider, and squash, there is also a sense of dread that comes over me. Along with the ghosts, spiders, and vampires, there is a bit of unease about the upcoming battle between a mom and the candy industry. As soon as October hits I start thinking about how to give my kids a fun Halloween while keeping the sugar


Maternal Profiling Is Alive and Well in Pennsylvania
This blog post originally appeared in the Huffington Post. After eight years of friendship and mutual support on the phone and online, I finally met Kiki Peppard last month! Kiki’s experiences moving to Pennsylvania as a working single mom of two children is the first story in The Motherhood Manifesto. Her story details her experiences going to interview for jobs and having potential employers ask
#Radio! Gun safety. Affordable healthcare. Social security. Parent organizing victories.
Gun safety.  Affordable healthcare.  Social security.  Parent organizing victories.  This show covers it all thanks to special guests, including: Thomas McInerny, MD, President of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP); Ashley Boyd, Director of Member Engagement and Senior Campaign Director for MomsRising’s Breastfeeding and Health Care campaigns; Ben Veghte, Research Director at Social Security

OCT 18

“I’m glad other women who go to the jail here will not suffer what I went through”: Nashville case against shackling finally resolved after five years
Earlier this year, I had the privilege to participate in the “Rethinking Prisons” conference at Vanderbilt University. Being on that campus, I was inspired to tell the audience about the brave Nashville resident who stood up for her dignity and sued the county sheriff for shackling her during labor – even though taking such a public stance carried risks because of her immigration status. Yesterday

OCT 17

Avoid Scary Toxins and Waste this Halloween (a carnival of resources)!
Found this costume at a thrift store! Halloween is almost upon us! At this time of year I am more frightened of all the junk food, plastic, toxic face paint and artificial colorings  than ghosts and ghouls!  Truly, Halloween can be a time of waste, massive sugar consumption, and plastic, or we can make it reflect healthy, more sustainable choices. Or, we can simply take steps each year to make it
Hispana Leadership Summit 2013
ORLANDO, Fla. — Let’s call September 2013 the month of the conference, shall we? I traveled three of four weekends for blogging, social media and networking conferences. Two of those conferences, including the Hispana Leadership Summit, took place in my childhood home state of Florida. I felt incredibly honored to be among two of my MomsRising (Latina) colleagues as well as strong Hispanic women
Halloween Warning – Watch Out for Neurotoxic Artificial Food Dyes in M&M’s Candies
If you know a child with ADHD, you know hyperactivity can make it difficult for parents trying to raise happy, healthy children.  And you know that the day after Halloween is one of the most disruptive days of the year! But did you know that many food and candy companies use unnecessary ingredients that trigger hyperactivity, adding additional stress to families already coping with ADHD? Petroleum

OCT 16

10 Ways the Government Shutdown Has Impacted Children
10. Access to Child Care: Many students enrolled at early childhood education programs in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Florida weren’t able to attend as some of the Head Start programs were closed due to the government shutdown; a $10 million donation has reopened seven programs in six states, but funding for other programs may run out by the end of the month. 9.  Nutrition: Millions of vulne
10 Ways the Government Shutdown Has Impacted Women
10. Access to Child Care: Moms in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Florida have scrambled to find child care for their children as a number of Head Start programs were closed; a $10 million donation has reopened seven programs in six states, but funding for other programs may run out by the end of the month. 9. Nutrition: Millions of vulnerable mothers and children are at risk of losing nutrition
The Children of Head Start
As an assistant Head Start teacher, I see the impact of the program every day. Our program in Chicago has children who would continue to have rotting teeth and no childhood immunizations without the support and requirements of the program. Children who are non-communicative, developmentally delayed, ADHD with parents who have the same disorder start smiling, talking nonstop and making up for lost
Climbing the Ladder to Beat the Clock
You would think it would be an easy sell.  There is clearly a correlation between women in executive suites and on corporate boards and higher returns.  When women serve on corporate boards, profits and productivity increase.  Diversity of perspective and experience create better decisions, rigorously tested judgments, and high quality “thought capital”.  The benefits of inclusion extend beyond mo