Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10-22-13 Seattle Schools Community Forum

Seattle Schools Community Forum:

Do You Want the Mayor to Take Control of Seattle Schools?
As some of you may have heard, there was polling done on the upcoming elections by Strategies 360.  They state:  None of the firm's clients paid for the survey, and Strategies 360 is supporting neither client.   (Yes, but someone thought up those questions and I can guarantee it wasn't all Strategies 360.) The poll was 400 likely voters, 78% white, skewed to the north and highly educated.  Ninetee
Washington State Charter School Letters of Intent Filed
The deadline for letters of intent to file a charter school proposal in Washington State was 5 p.m. today.  Checking the Charter Commission website, I count 15 but Seattle Weekly is reporting 24 (I suspect SW called and asked and that the Charter Commission just doesn't have all of them up yet).Those 24 do NOT include whatever letters of intent that Spokane School District received as it is the on

Tuesday Open Thread
For your calendar, SPED PTSA General Meeting on Monday, October 28th from 7-9 pm at JSCEE. Tracy Libros will be coming to answer questions about boundaries and SPED.  There will be an update on C-CAP as well.What's on your mind?

Owners of MLK, Jr. Building Cited in State Audit
The Times is reporting that First A.M.E. Church operated a daycare at Seattle Central Community College - rent-free - for 16 years.  (Yes, I know - how is that possible?)  The daycare was allowed to do this by a program at SCCC called Seattle Vocational Institute whose students' children were to have first-in enrollment.  The daycare ran from Sep. 1997 to June 2013.From the Times:First A.M.E., whi

10-21-13 Seattle Schools Community Forum
Seattle Schools Community Forum: The Board is Afraid of Advanced LearningHave you noticed that just about any time Melissa or I write something about APP or Spectrum or advanced learning in almost any way two things happen: the thread gets about a hundred comments and the comments get nasty.Have you noticed that school board candidates - like all other politicians - prefer to speak in vague platit

A vote for Sue Peters is a vote for the rest of us | Seattle Education
A vote for Sue Peters is a vote for the rest of us | Seattle Education: A vote for Sue Peters is a vote for the rest of usSuzanne Estey’s claim to fame, as she has stated during her campaign, is her involvement as a board member of Community Center for Education Results (CCER), an “organization” that was created out of thin air by Bill Gates to the tune of over $4Mto go after Race to the Top fundi