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Saturday, February 5, 2022





Is it Anything?
Last night, Gov. Bill Lee delivered his State of the State Address and revealed at least some details related to school funding formula reform. Of note is the promise to increase state investment in public schools by $1 billion effective in the 2024 fiscal year and contingent on a new funding formula. This year, teachers will see $125 million in new money for salaries, which equates to a roughly
Calling it Quits
The Wall Street Journal reports that the current teacher shortage is occurring at the same time private sector businesses are eager to hire new employees. That is, teachers are done with teaching and there are plenty of opportunities for them to land new jobs. The rate of people quitting jobs in educational services rose more than in any other industry in 2021, according to federal data. Many of
Bill Lee’s Tax Increase
The Tennessee Public Education Coalition and Pastors for Tennessee’s Children have an OpEd out explaining how Gov. Bill Lee’s lack of action on school funding means a tax increase for Tennessee families. In the piece, the two groups repeat a familiar refrain: Tennessee schools are underfunded by $1.7 billion . Then, they note what that means for Tennessee families and communities: a Tennessee fam
BANNED: TN School District Seeks to Silence the Truth
The Tennessee Holler reports that the McMinn County School Board voted to ban the Pulitzer-winning graphic novel “Maus.” Here’s more from the Holler’s Twitter feed and from related tweets: NEW: The MCMINN COUNTY school board has just BANNED “MAUS”, the Pulitzer-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust — citing 8 curse words and an illustration of a woman that was objected to, with a 10-0 vote. h
A $1 Billion Failure
Fox 17 in Nashville reports that the state’s Achievement School District (ASD) has been a $1 billion failed experiment. Four Tennessee schools are now returning to local control after getting taken over by the state ten years ago. The Memphis-area schools were brought into the Achievement School District with the promise from state leaders to turn things around. The latest data from the Departmen
Williamson County Schools Approves Mid-Year Pay Increase
Last night, the Williamson County School Board unanimously approved a mid-year pay raise for teachers and staff. If approved by the County Commission, teachers will receive a 3% raise and hourly staff will see a $1/hour pay increase, effective January 31st. The unusual move of raising pay for teachers and staff mid-year is happening because of severe teacher and staff shortages. The district curr