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Saturday, February 5, 2022

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Academic Outcomes: Courses Taught With Open Educational Resources vs.Publisher Content
What difference do open educational resources (OER) make compared with publisher content (non-OER) when costs and instructors remain constant? IN THIS STUDY a total of 215 community college students enrolled in online, introductory courses were randomly assigned to OER or non-OER sections and compared on retention at the tuition drop date, completion with a C or better, course completion, and mea
Black or African American Teachers: Background and School Settings
In 2017–18­­, a higher percentage of Black or African American teachers (18 percent) had been teaching for less than 4 years than all teachers (14 percent). A new NCES Data Point, in 2017–18 , examines the characteristics of Black or African American teachers and the characteristics of public and private schools where Black or African American teachers worked in the United States during school y

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Trends in the segregation of Latino children enrolled in elementary schools, 2000–2015
Does the rising share of Latino students in US schools help to integrate previously White campuses or exacerbate racial and economic segregation over time? This article details trends in the segregation of Latino children enrolled in elementary schools, 2000–2015, then examines how evolving patterns differ among the nation’s school districts. Research Methods: The e authors compiled enrollment da

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The Influence of Grade Forgiveness on Students' Course Choices
A Boise State University policy that gave students the option to retake a class and better their previous grade encouraged enrollment in more and in harder courses, especially in STEM. Offering college students the opportunity to retake courses and to improve their grades changes course selection, according to Xuan Jiang , Kelly Chen , Zeynep K. Hansen , and Scott Lowe in A Second Chance at Succe

JAN 31

5 Popular Reading Programs May Be Harmful to Children
Email Complete article KEY POINTS Five popular reading programs are found to be unsupported by cognitive science. Foundational skills such as phonics, spelling, and handwriting are best learned from explicit instruction. Reading programs with minimal guidance—whole-language based, constructivist, discovery—may not be adequate for teaching foundational skills. A debate is raging over five major re

JAN 27

Exploring Local Experiences of the Campaign to Ban “Critical Race Theory
The report can be accessed online at Key findings: The anti “CRT” effort is a purposeful, nationally/state interconnected, and locally driven conflict campaign to block or restrict proactive teaching and professional development related to race, racism, bias, and many aspects of proactive diversity/equity/inclusion efforts in schools,
Starting physical activity three days post-concussion is safe, has better outcomes
Resuming non-contact physical activity 72 hours after a concussion is safe, and may also reduce symptoms and the risk of delayed recovery, suggests the first and largest real-world, randomized clinical trial on the topic to be conducted with children and youth aged 10 to 18. Led by researchers at the CHEO Research Institute, the multi-site study was published by the British Journal of Sports Medi
Survey says youth need more education on adequate protection and enhanced safety when engaging in oral sex
Researchers assessed more than 900 youths’ knowledge of the risks of oral sex and barriers to using protection through the use of MyVoice, a national text message–based poll. Barriers to using protection when engaging in oral sex included a lack of knowledge of the risks, limited access to and dissatisfaction with protection methods, and cultural norms. Many respondents knew that some STIs can be

Education Research Report