Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Teacher Tom: Seeking Not Truth, But Complete Truth

Teacher Tom: Seeking Not Truth, But Complete Truth
Seeking Not Truth, But Complete Truth

I grew up in a household with magazine subscriptions. We always had the latest edition of Time and Sports Illustrated on the coffee table, and for a long time we took National Geographic as well. I'm pretty sure mom read Women's Day, and there were others. As I got older, when I had my own magazine budget to spend, I chose comic books. Magazines were a habit I took with me into the world. As a young man I subscribed to all kinds of magazines, periodicals I considered more sophisticated than the ones my parents read, like HarpersThe Atlantic, and The New Yorker. Later I began to receive a number of literary journals like The Paris ReviewThe Sun, and other less well known publications, looking vainly for a place to that might be open to publishing my own strange (and, I know now, immature) fiction. 

At one point, in the late 80's, I cancelled all my subscriptions because I wasn't reading them. The internet had arrived. Today, perhaps out of nostalgia, at any moment I'm subscribed to at least one magazine. Currently it's a quarterly publication called The New Philosopher, published in Australia. Honestly, I await its arrival every four months with great anticipation, and like when I was a boy, I read it cover to cover.

I see now that magazines, in a way, were what we had CONTINUE READING: Teacher Tom: Seeking Not Truth, But Complete Truth