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Saturday, October 23, 2021





Who’s Driving the Bus?
A bus driver shortage in Nashville has reached a crisis, and bus drivers are speaking out. NewsChannel 5 has the story of a severe shortage and potentially unsafe conditions for students. Battle said they are 200 or more drivers short, and many are doubling and tripling routes, forcing kids to sit three to a seat. She also cited safety concerns with buses being overcrowding. Drivers held a rally
Cancel Culture Group Seeking to Ban Books in Hamilton County
Moms for McCarthyism (Moms for Liberty) Seeking to Eliminate Texts that Make them Uncomfortable The Tennessean’s Meghan Mangrum reports that Cancel Culture “mom” group Moms for Liberty is working in support of an effort by Hamilton County School Board member Rhonda Thurman to ban certain books in Hamilton County Schools. Thurman, a long-time board member, expressed concerns in an op-ed last week
Tennessee Branch of Moms for McCarthyism Getting MORE National Attention
Yes, the Tennessee affiliate of a national dark money group freaked out by seahorse porn has gained even more national attention. This time, the attention comes courtesy of the “Scary Mommy” blog. Moms for McCarthyism Push Cancel Culture Agenda Here’s how blogger Elizabeth Broadbent sees the scene in Williamson County: This has led Moms for Liberty parents like white mother of three Robin Steenma
The Not So Super Hero
What if there was a political action committee with a relentless focus on what is good for kids? What if that PAC helped advance the education debate by focusing on the most pressing needs in our public schools? That sounds great, right? Well, instead, Tennessee is home to Team Kid PAC – a project of Tennesseans for Student Success . Sure, their Twitter avi is a super hero in a cape. But, their g
The Teacher Shortage Crisis is Here
For years, policy advocates and those paying attention have suggested a teacher shortage crisis was imminent. Instead of implementing strategies to attract teachers and keep them in the field, state policymakers have instead foisted more responsibility on already overwhelmed educators. Of course, these new responsibilities didn’t come with significant pay increases. In fact, teachers in Tennessee
Nashville Voters Say Schools are Underfunded, Teachers Underpaid
Amid a global pandemic that is seeing an already troubling teacher shortage exacerbated, voters in Nashville are expressing concern that schools are underfunded and teachers are underpaid. These findings come as the result of a poll of registered voters conducted on behalf of the Nashville Public Education Foundation. The poll found that voters (72%) believe teachers are underpaid – this in spite
Moms for McCarthyism Coming to Sumner County
The Tennessee affiliate of a national dark money group focused on rooting out supposed indoctrination and banning seahorse porn is on the move. Moms for Liberty, currently quite active in Williamson County, is organizing