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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Brent Jones Speaks

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Brent Jones Speaks
Brent Jones Speaks

Here is the first public statement from new superintendent, Brent Jones. As statements go, it’s about what you would expect but some editing might have helped. 

One key item - he does not say schools will reopen in their buildings in September. He just vaguely talks about “prepare for fall.” 

Also of interest is the fill-in form to contact him available at the district’s website.

Dear Seattle Public Schools Families: 
It’s a privilege to return to Seattle Public Schools as the interim superintendent. As I came to work this morning, it felt like coming home. 
I have spent more than half my life in SPS. I started at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and graduated from Franklin High School – go Quakers! Most recently, I served as the district’s chief of equity, partnerships, and engagement and helped lead creation and adoption of the district’s bold strategic plan, Seattle Excellence. The five-year plan is laser focused on supporting students of color who are furthest away from educational justice. Unlike past plans, Seattle Excellence acknowledges that until our district changes systems and disrupts legacies of racism, we can’t fulfill the promise of a high-quality, world-class education – an education that every student deserves. I am also a parent of a graduating SPS senior. 
My commitment to SPS is personal.
Our city’s public schools need to offer students and their families the very best – rigorous learning, a deep commitment to educational justice, innovation, and a clear CONTINUE READING: Seattle Schools Community Forum: Brent Jones Speaks