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Thursday, May 13, 2021

"Have To" History: A Wall Of Education | Blue Cereal Education

"Have To" History: A Wall Of Education | Blue Cereal Education
"Have To" History: A Wall Of Education

It's dangerous to start pushing a book when I haven't seen the physical final product yet. I learned last time that no matter how many weird formatting issues, overlooked typos, and random nude shots you're POSITIVE you've resolved, there are always a few more waiting to be discovered once you've started promoting the thing and your entire sense of self-worth is on the line. 

And yet, I'm pretty happy this one is finally "live," no matter what minor edits may be necessary down the road. I'm sharing the Author's Intro with you here by way of a teaser, but if you're reading this specific introduction (which will be edited out once it no longer applies) it means I still have review copies I'd love to send out to anyone willing to (1) read the book (or enough of it to justify a review) and (2) post a review on and maybe Goodreads (if you're into that sort of thing). I'm not allowed to bribe you beyond a free copy or to cajole you into making the reviews positive, but your amazing Amazon reviews of the first book were very much appreciated and have continuted to make a huge difference in how it's doing. Thank you for that. 

So, if you'd like a complimentary review copy, email me at with your name and shipping info and I'll get one on the way as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can find the Paperback Version or Kindle e-Book Version on or whatever version of Amazon you access in your part of the universe.

In the meantime, here's that intro you won't be able to resist.

“Have To” History: A Wall Of Education - What the Supreme Court Really Says (and What It Really Doesn’t) About the Separation of Church and State in Education

When I published “Have To” History: Landmark Supreme Court Cases a few years ago, I added a brief “Afterword” explaining how I came to find myself so fascinated with the decisions of the nation’s highest court over the years and what I hoped to CONTINUE READING: "Have To" History: A Wall Of Education | Blue Cereal Education