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Saturday, April 3, 2021

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

 Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Evaluating the Head Start Program for Disadvantaged Children
Low-income children who participated in Head Start were 2.7 percent more likely to finish high school, 8.5 percent more likely to enroll in college, and 39 percent more likely to finish college. The Head Start program increases high school and college graduation rates and participation in the workforce, according to a new study by Martha J. Bailey , Shuqiao Sun , and Brenden D. Timpe . In Prep Sc
Mental health support at schools helps male, but not female, students feel safe from bullying
Bullying at boarding schools has a negative impact on students' emotional health, but for male students, having a school staff member to rely on for support may mute the harmful effects of bullying, according to a new University at Buffalo study. Support networks did not have the same effect for female students, the researchers say. The study, recently published in School Psychology Review, is on
Cardiorespiratory fitness improves grades at school
Research News Recent studies indicate a link between children's cardiorespiratory fitness and their school performance: the more athletic they are, the better their marks in the main subjects - French and mathematics. Similarly, cardiorespiratory fitness is known to benefit cognitive abilities, such as memory and attention. But what is the real influence of such fitness on school results? To answ
Kumon or Montessori? It may depend on your politics, according to new study
Research News Whether parents prefer a conformance-oriented or independence-oriented supplemental education program for their children depends on political ideology, according to a study of more than 8,500 American parents by a research team from Rice University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. "Conservative parents have a higher need for structure, which drives their preference for co
Pre-COVID Ability Grouping in U.S. Public School Classrooms
The National Center for Education Statistics released a new Data Point report today , entitled . This report examines whether ability grouping was used to organize classes or students in public schools, by selected school characteristics. Findings include: During school year 2017–18, 32 percent of public schools reported that they assigned students based on their ability. Nearly half of middle sc
50-State Comparison: Private School Choice
A newly updated captures state policies that govern education savings accounts , vouchers and scholarship tax credits . See how all states approach a specific issue by selecting one of the comparisons, or view how one state approaches all of the issues by selecting a state profile.
School closures disproportionately hit disadvantaged students in the US
A study analyzing the distribution of school closures due to COVID concludes that racial minorities, students in need and with already poor academic performance have been more likely engaged in remote schooling since September 2020 BOCCONI UNIVERSITY Research News SHARE PRINT E-MAIL The uneven distribution of school closures in the US since September 2020 threatens to exacerbate regional, racial
Early Child Care in Single-Parent and Two-Parent Families
In 2019, a higher percentage of children in single-parent families than in two-parent families were in weekly childcare (65 versus 58 percent). A new Data Point from the National Center for Education Statistics, : 2019 , compares childcare arrangements for children from birth through age 5, in single-parent families and two-parent families. It also examines problems finding childcare. Key finding

 Education Research Report