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Journalist Investigates Amazon Warehouse Life And The Pitfalls Of 'One-Click America'
" Alec MacGillis writes about Amazon's growing impact on American life in his new book, Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America . He notes that the pandemic has been very good for the company's bottom line: Amazon's sales jumped 40% last year, and company founder Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is estimated at around $180 billion , is now the richest person on the planet. "The fact is th
Kirk Franklin: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
"For nearly 30 years, Kirk Franklin has been widely regarded for revolutionizing gospel. He incorporated secular music, particularly hip-hop, while preserving the message and integrity of traditional gospel. Here, he and his powerhouse choir pace through a decades-long, sixteen Grammy 
A Blueprint for Bail Reform
" Duke University School of Law professor and Wilson Center Director Brandon Garrett and Sandra Guerra Thompson , professor of law and director of the Criminal Justice Institute at the University of Houston Law Center, discuss their work as independent monitors for a landmark bail reform settlement in Texas. This settlement could become a national model for cash bail reform."
Alfred L. Martin Jr. on The Generic Closet: Black Gayness and the Black-Cast Sitcom
" Drawing from 20 interviews with credited episode writers, key show-runners, and Black gay men, The Generic Closet situates Black-cast sitcoms as a unique genre that uses Black gay characters in service of the series' heterosexual main cast. Alfred L. Martin, Jr. , argues that the Black community is considered to be antigay due to misrepresentation by shows that aired during the family viewing h
Conversations in Black Freedom Studies – Black and Red: Socialism and Black Liberation
"Throughout the twentieth century, the Black freedom movement intersected in various ways with the communist and socialist movements. The first Black woman to run for president of the United States was Charlene Mitchell , who ran on the Communist Party ticket in 1968. From Hubert Harrison , W..E.B. Du Bois , and Claudia Jones , to Esther Cooper Jackson and Angela Davis , many of the leading light
Jessica Marie Johnson: Keywords and Dark Fiilaments in Digital Time
"Presented as part of the Digital Storytelling Colloquium at the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities. Jessica Marie Johnson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins University. Johnson is a historian of Atlantic slavery and the Atlantic African diaspora. She is the author of Wicked Flesh: Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World (Univers

APR 01

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom – MoMA FILM Q&A with the Cast and Director
" Viola Davis , Glynn Turman , Colman Domingo , Michael Potts , and director George C. Wolfe discuss their Oscar-nominated film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020), working with late cast member Chadwick Boseman, and the meaning of Blues music with The Museum of Modern Art 's Chief Curator of Film Rajendra Roy."
Left of Black S11 · E21 | Karla F.C. Holloway on Black Detective Novels
What does it mean to write in the literary traditions of such giants as Chester Himes and Walter Mosley who wrote iconic stories about Black detectives in crime fiction? In this very special episode of Left of Black , host and Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal is joined by long-time colleague and Duke Emerita Professor Karla F.C. Holloway as they discuss her latest novel, Gone Missing i

MAR 31

Racism and Its Deadly Cousins by Ben Jealous
| @BenJealous | NewBlackMan (in Exile) What does it say about our country when we don’t have time to absorb the impact of one mass shooting before news of the next one comes across our phones and TV screens? Grief upon grief. This column is not about gun culture or laws that make it easier to buy an assault rifle than to register to vote. We need to talk about those things. But we also need to p
Robin D.G. Kelley: Amazon Union Drive Builds on Decades of Black Radical Labor Activism in Alabama
"As thousands of Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, decide whether to form the company’s first union, historian Robin D.G. Kelley says it could be a watershed moment for labor organizing in the United States. “This is definitely the most significant labor struggle of the 21st century, no doubt,” he says. “The South has been the epicenter of the country’s most radical democratic movements, which

MAR 30

The Story of Reggae Legend Miss Pat
"Who knew the leading global reggae label has been run for decades by a 4’11" grandma named Patricia Chin? In her memoir, Miss Pat: My Reggae Music Journey , Chin details her life in Jamaica with her husband Vincent Chin, who ran Jamaica’s most famous record store and studio called Randy’s Record Mart, as well as how she ultimately moved operations to Jamaica, Queens, NY. Patricia Chin joins All
Legal Weed in New York: Will It Reverse Decades of Racial Inequity?
"The push to decriminalize and now legalize marijuana in New York has been a long journey. It's also one that advocates are hopeful will begin to reverse decades of racial inequity. Now, a new bill may legalize marijuana use by people 21 and older in the state, under an agreement from Governor Andrew Cuomo and state legislators. Marijuana arrests have had a disproportionate impact on communities

MAR 29

What Does Intersectionality Mean?
"The Atlanta spa shootings brought attention to a long history of hate against Asians and Asian Americans. But The shootings were also a tragedy at the intersection of gender, race, and class. The horror of the event struck a chord for many people belonging to different demographic groups. Intersectionality is something we hear a lot in reference to stories about politics, lifestyle, tragedy and
How Black Players Propelled Cleveland's Baseball Team To Win The 1948 World Series
"A few months after Jackie Robinson broke modern baseball's color barrier in 1947, Larry Doby became the first Black player in baseball's American League. A year later, Satchel Paige joined the Cleveland Indians as the team's second Black player. The two Black players, and the team owner's willingness to sign them, propelled Cleveland to win the World Series in 1948 in one of baseball's most nota
America: “What Will You Do unto the Least of These?” by Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.
| @DrBenChavis | NewBlackMan (in Exile) If it were not for the Black Church in America, our long struggle for freedom, justice, equality, equity, and empowerment would not have made the progress that has been accomplished over the past 500 to 400 years. I speak in the tradition of my Presbyterian great-great grandfather, The Reverend John Chavis (1763-1838) in North Carolina and The Reverend Nat

MAR 28

KOAP In Conversation with: Fahamu Pecou (Part One)
" Layla Felder talks to Fahamu Pecou about his journey to becoming the internationally acclaimed artist he is today, his current works, and the exciting projects he’s been working on."
The Quarantine Tapes 176: Nathalie Etoke
"On episode 176 of The Quarantine Tapes , host Paul Holdengräber is joined by author Nathalie Etoke . Recorded during the time of the historic trials surrounding the death of George Floyd , Nathalie expands on the way that the pandemic has brought into focus many things that were dormant. In this moment of reckoning, Nathalie expertly addresses the truth about what shapes racism, and asks us all
Booker T. Jones – What's In My Bag?
"Soul legend Booker T. Jones went shopping at Amoeba Music in San Francisco before the pandemic. His latest album Note By Note is available from Edith Street Records." -- Amoeba
Independent Lens: Coded Bias (dir. Shalini Kantayya)
"In an increasingly data-driven, automated world, the question of how to protect individuals’ civil liberties in the face of artificial intelligence looms larger by the day. Coded Bias follows M.I.T. Media Lab computer scientist Joy Buolamwini , along with data scientists, mathematicians, and watchdog groups from all over the world, as they fight to expose the discrimination within algorithms now
Reimagining Blackness & Architecture: We Outchea | Sekou Cooke
"How can we empower people through public space? Architect Sekou Cook e discusses his project “We Outchea: Hip-Hop Fabrications and Public Space” and his vision for transforming a public housing site in Syracuse, New York." -- The Museum of Modern Art
Invisible Blackness – The Rise of the Black Superstar, an Interview with Nelson George
" Nelson George is Hip-hops’ historian. A New York native, author and intellectual. Nelson has been documenting the culture with a legendary clarity since its inception. No one has articulated the nuances of Hip-hops' emergence like Nelson George. In this episode of Invisible Blackness host Adrian Younge and Nelson discuss Black popular culture and the consciousness of the African Diaspora in Ame

MAR 27

Cite Black Women: Dr. Koritha Mitchell on African American Women, Homemaking and Citizenship
"In this episode, Cite Black Women podcast host, Christen A. Smith sits down with Koritha Mitchell, a literary historian, cultural critic, and associate professor of English at the Ohio State University, to discuss her book From Slave Cabins to the White House: Homemade Citizenship in African American Culture (August 2020, University of Illinois Press). In her most recent monograph, Mitchell illu
Overheard at National Geographic –The Secret of Musical Genius: Aretha Franklin
"Mozart wowed audiences as a child. The Beatles blew away Ed Sullivan. Beyonce hypnotized Super Bowl crowds. The world has been enthralled by those we call musical geniuses. But what defines a musical genius? And how does society recognize it? We probe these questions as we examine the life and career of Aretha Franklin , a transformational figure in American music, and the rise of a young prodig
Mudbone Grown Reimagines Black Farming in Oregon
"When Shantae Johnson and Arthur Shavers embarked on their “Mudbone Grown” enterprise in 2015, they were doing more than building a farm from scratch: they were changing the narrative of what it means to be a Black farmer in Oregon, where exclusion was literally written into the state

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