Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Liz Davis | GFBrandenburg's Blog

Liz Davis | GFBrandenburg's Blog
Liz Davis

A virtual memorial for my former colleague, fellow union member, friend and ally, Elizabeth Davis, is starting soon. and click on the banner if you want to participate.

I really need to record a few things in appreciation. During my very first year teaching, we happened to be teaching at the same school, a big newe open space classroom almost as far south as you can get and still be in DC. Interesting times — there was a teacher strike that year, and we both were definitely doing our best to be on the left, progressive, anti-racist side of things. Looking back, I feel that I mostly made a hash of it. She was much more of a fighter than I was, frankly.

I only recall one serious disagreement with her, which I should explain later, but in hindsight I see we were both partly right and both partly wrong.