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Invisible Blackness – Double Oppression: the Black Woman, an Interview with Ladybug Mecca
" Digable Planets was the pinnacle of cool for early 1990s hip hop culture. LadyBug Mecca was the sole female voice of this seductive trio of music revolutionaries, waltzing the line between pop crossover culture and conscious hip hop. In this episode of Invisible Blackness , Adrian Younge and LadyBug Mecca discuss the power behind the black female voice in culture's past, present and future."
Soulful Stitching: The Visual Art of The Siddis of Karnataka, India
"The Siddis of Karnataka, India are the descendants of both early African immigrants to South Asia and enslaved Africans brought to Goa on India’s west coast by the Portuguese beginning in the 16th century. Gradually, they escaped slavery and moved southward into the remote Western Ghatt mountains of Northern Karnataka in order to create free, independent African diaspora communities. While they
Perspectives on Anti-Blackness in the Arab World
"Anti-Black racism exists all over the globe, but varies according to the context and society. In Arab societies, anti-black racism is pronounced, widespread, and largely denied by the intelligentsia, the ruling elites and clergy despite its roots in either the trans-Saharan slave trade or the Indian Ocean slave trade. his roundtable discussion was coordinated by Duke professor Mbaye Lo , and fea
Music Education In The Pandemic And Beyond
"Teaching orchestra, choir or band virtually in a pandemic presents some unique challenges. Even with schools reopening, it's difficult to hold in-person band practice in a way that's safe and socially distant. How has music education changed during the pandemic? And what does its future in U.S. education look like?" -- 1A
Actor Daniel Kaluuya’s Road to Revolutionary
"Actor Daniel Kaluuya -- known for his roles in Get Out and Queen & Slim -- portrays Fred Hampton in the new film, Judas and the Black Messiah , which follows Hampton’s meteoric rise through the party, a multiracial class movement and the series of betrayals that led to his untimely fall. Weeks before he won the Golden Globe award for “ Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motio
Leroy Moore, Krip Hop Nation and the Politics of the Paralympics
"On this episode of Edge of Sports , host Dave Zirin speaks with Leroy Moore , one of the founders of the hip hop organization, Krip Hop Nation about the Paralympics. Edge of Sports also talks to Moore about his love of Hip-Hop, his favorite artists, and growing up in New York City during the birth of the music genre." Edge of Sports ·
The Quarantine Tapes 165: Sanford Biggers
"On episode 165 of The Quarantine Tapes , guest host Imani Perry is joined by Sanford Biggers . Sanford is an artist working across a wide range of disciplines. He talks with Imani about some of his recent work with quilting,

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