Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Listen to this – 2020 #5 | Live Long and Prosper

Listen to this – 2020 #5 | Live Long and Prosper
Listen to this – 2020 #5


The End of Public Schools Would Mean the End of the Common Good

What is the purpose of public education? Is it a “factory for human capital” or a place to raise citizens in a democracy?

The “business model” of education supported by many “reformers,” focuses on churning out workers from the public schools. The idea that public education is a Common Good like libraries, roads, and municipal water systems, seems to be ignored by those who have tried to make a profit on public education.

From Jon Shelton in Jacobin Magazine

If education is nothing but the “capital” that helps one get a job, then the argument to make it a private commodity is far too convincing. If we want to save our schools, then we have to stop looking at them as factories for human capital and instead as serving to educate our kids to be citizens in a democracy with expectations for better lives. When we talk about the purpose of education, we have to see it as only one part of a broader series of social-democratic rights that includes the right to a secure job, good housing, and quality health care — no matter what kind of education credential you have.


The Foundational Fallacy Of Charter Schools

Do we save the public money with charter schools or do we duplicate services CONTINUE READING: Listen to this – 2020 #5 | Live Long and Prosper