Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Teacher Tom: "We're Not Digging to China"

Teacher Tom: "We're Not Digging to China"
"We're Not Digging to China"

The two boys were digging a hole in the sand pit. It was a large hole, wide and deep. I made a comment about digging to China, a destination to which my own playmates and I had aspired lo those many years ago.

"Teacher Tom, we're not digging to China."

"Oh, where are you digging?"

"We're not digging anywhere! This is a trap!"

"No, it's not a trap. It's a hole!"

The boys bickered for several minutes, finally agreeing that it was a "very deep hole-trap."

"We're going to dig it all the way to the molten core."

"We can't dig to the molten core! It's full of lava!"

"No, it's full of magma."

"Well, it'll be too hot. We'll get dead."

They resumed digging in silence for a time, before one of CONTINUE READING: Teacher Tom: "We're Not Digging to China"