Sunday, November 1, 2020

Mike Klonsky's Blog: SNCC: Danny Lyon's new film.

Mike Klonsky's Blog: SNCC: Danny Lyon's new film.
SNCC: Danny Lyon's new film.
A note from Danny Lyon

This is an open link to my new film SNCC. Anyone can see it. It is free.

I welcome comments on the Vimeo site. Please share this with anyone you want.



Radical artists from the movement are creating a mural of John Lewis being in Rochester New York. John was a powerful stump speaker, an inspiration. The 3000 square foot wall that will display John’s picture is across the street from where Fredrick Douglas gave his July 4th speech.

I urge you to contribute to this effort by Darius Dennis, an amazing
artist who has taken pictures of the movement made them one hundred
feet high, and turned them into an inspiration for the Black Lives Matter movement. One is already up in Chicago and another up in Louisville. A true synthesis of two grass roots struggles bridging sixty years of
time. A great accomplishment. 

Danny Lyon

Goggle: GoFundMe, John Lewis Mural