Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters A MAN WITH A PLAN Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters

  Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters

Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's 
Education Matters

Richard Corcoran thinks he is king of education
First, Corcoran issues an executive order that flies in the face of the state constitution bullying districts with the threat of losing my money, and now he has told districts before you close a class or a school give him a call so he can decide if it is okay to do so, even giving out his personal number. I want to remind everyone Corcoran is neither a doctor nor an educator or king of education,
IT IS Exactly like Florida is trying to get people killed
In the last week, Florida made three announcements that both don't make sense and will undoubtedly lead to sickness and perhaps deaths. In one district quarantined teachers are being required to go back into buildings to teach and yes read that again, the FSHAA has ignored the recommendations of their doctors and said HS sports can start and your governor has said schools with cases of COVID-19 s

AUG 15

The ZOOM Lawsuit to decide the fate of teachers and students
This is surreal. The state is holding the lawsuit to see if Local districts have control over education or the state does is being held over ZOOM. I am confused why the judge didn't just say, well as long as we have to have court through zoom, we should have school through zoom too. Corcoran and DeSantis are attempting to usurp the authority of districts and force them to do what they want them t

AUG 14

Empowering the voters with knowledge
Empower Jax is an organization known for wanting to strip protections away from LGBTQ people. They fought against the HRO and push an agenda that wants to see gay people shoved back in the closet, and don't take my word for it, take the Times Unions. Oh, and why does this matter? It's because they found their candidate in district 3. From the Florida Times-Union, The newly formed group trying to

AUG 13

Why is it so hard for DCPS just to do the right thing. (draft)
I tried to come up with something where I talked about the Premack principle and how if you are in a hole stop digging, but I couldn't because the bottom line is DCPS is making a conscious choice to treat it's employees poorly. Every time they are given an opportunity to do something right, they choose wrong. First, the district has had it backward from day one. They should have put everyone in D

AUG 11

DCPS proves once again tells teachers they are not important
This is going to be a little inside baseball. DCPS decided to scrap it's ESE curriculum based on 24 responses to a survey given during a pandemic. That's a problem; the bigger one though, is the district continues to treat its teachers like afterthoughts. So last spring, they introduced a program called Teach Town to supplement our main ESE program ULS. I didn't care for it, but I may not be a gr
Some of the problems with Duval Homeroom. SOME!!!!!!
Homeroom initially sounded great. The thought of high-risk teachers being able to teach from home was comforting to me, though unfortunately, it didn't work like that, and you had to apply and hope you get it, and that was before 

  Mr. G for District 3: Chris Guerrieri's Education Matters