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Friday, July 31, 2020

Unite don’t fight! - SF PUBLIC SCHOOL MOM

Unite don’t fight! - SF PUBLIC SCHOOL MOM

Unite don’t fight!

This conversation is about more than just “pods”—Don’t let those profiting off of crisis divide us!

Last Tuesday evening, during the Regular Board Meeting on July 28, 2020, we met to discuss the San Francisco Unified School District Fall Learning Plan. While I always hope to focus the discussion on efforts the district is taking, I anticipated there would be a number of families bringing up the “pod” conversation. 
So on that note, I wanted to put some recent observations out there for folks to consider. (Watch the video of my comments below or click this link to view the entire recordin on SFGovTV. This item begins at around 45:30 and my comments begin at 5:20:16)
I’m hearing lots of discussion #onhere and in the community about how the district and our larger community can and should better support distance learning and families this fall and it seems like there are two distinct conversations emerging.
One area of the discussion centers on the formation of what folks are calling “pandemic pods”. These conversations focus on small groups of often CONTINUE READING: