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How Pholk Beauty Grew Its Brand By Embracing Authenticity
' For Niambi Cacchioli , Black people have always been green folk. Growing up in Kentucky she was used to being around gardens, but after traveling around the world, she realized there weren’t many skincare companies catering to skin’s needs. She switched careers as an academic and started making skincare products to meet the needs of women like her. Along that journey, she’s discovered how to le
Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism—Readings by Tsitsi Jaji and Mecca Sullivan
'The Meridians two-day symposium at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute held book readings by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan and Tsitsi Jaji as they each read from their works of fiction and poetry.'
Falling Apart: How NYC Public Housing Failed its Tenants |
'The New York City Housing Authority is huge. It was the childhood home of Jay Z , Mos Def , Nas , Fat Joe , Dave East and countless other rappers. There are 334 developments holding 178,895 apartments in 2,602 buildings situated on an area three times the size of Central Park. One in 15, or over half a million, New Yorkers are served by public housing and Section 8 programs. If NYCHA were a city
"simple dude from Austin, Texas who picked up a guitar": Gary Clark, Jr.
' Gary Clark Jr. is still clearly uncomfortable being heralded as one of the best guitarists in a generation. He's played the White House, and toured with the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. This year his blues/rock album, This Land , won three Grammy Awards. Kristine Johnson talks with the musician who describes himself as a "simple dude from Austin, Texas who picked up a guitar"."-- CBS Sunday
Khadijah Tribble Discusses Her Role as Vice President Of A $3B Cannabis Company
' Khadijah Tribble VP, Corporate Social Responsibility at Curaleaf discusses her role as Vice President Of A $3B cannabis company.'
"Actual Proof": Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter & Terence Blanchard on COVID, #BLM, and Wayne Shorter's Legacy
'This incredible video is a true gathering of jazz titans, bringing together the legendary Herbie Hancock , trumpet giant and master composer Terence Blanchard , and SFJAZZ Fridays at Five tribute artist Wayne Shorter for a Zoom hangout. They discuss Shorter’s iconic music, the Black Lives Matter movement during this turbulent time, our new shared reality under the coronavirus pandemic, and how H
‘Honeypot’: Blending Creative Storytelling And Oral History To Spotlight Queer Southern Black Women
'Writer E. Patrick Johnson was hesitant to collect the stories of queer black Southern women. He is a cisgender gay black man, and the divide between the male and female experience was something he felt he could not portray on the page. But after being encouraged by women who wanted their experiences known and shared, he found a way to spotlight their voices. In his latest book, Honeypot: Black S

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Jazz Night In America: Jazzmeia Horn – Love and Liberation
'For Jazzmeia Horn , this concert defined a moment. This was The Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center, after all, one of the most prestigious stages in the America jazz circuit. "Not a lot of people get that opportunity," she reflected, not only to show up for herself and her art, but to act as a good steward of jazz music, an African American art form and legacy by which the idioms of today's in
'Unholy' Examines The Alliance Between White Evangelicals And Trump
'The president isn't known for his faith. Instead, author Sarah Posner says he connects with Evangelicals by voicing the legal, social, religious and cultural grievances of the Christian right.' -- Fresh Air
Helga: A Conversation with Abstract Painter Stanley Whitney
'Visual artist and colorist, Stanley Whitney talks with Helga about his life as an artist and as a person. He uncovers what it means to be a black abstract painter, firmly rooted in the United States.'
The Power of Fiction By and About Black People
'For weeks, books about race and antiracism have been topping bestseller lists in the U.S. and abroad, as protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue through the summer. Books like Dr. Ibram X. Kendi ’s How to Be an Anti-Racist , Ijeoma Oluo ’s So You Want to Talk About Race , and Robin DiAngelo ’s White Fragility are all in short supply as more and more people turn to their l

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Left of Black S10:E19 | Candice M. Jenkins on the Black Middle Class
Candice M. Jenkins , Professor of African American Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the author of the recently released and critically-acclaimed Black Bourgeois: Class and Sex in the Flesh (University of Minnesota Press, 2019), joined Left of Black host Mark Anthony Neal to consider the precocious existence of Black bodies in our society, even if educated and middle-cla
Rewriting Country Music's Racist History
'Elamin Abdelmahmoud , editor of news curation at Buzzfeed News, joins All Of It to discuss his article for Rolling Stone , "Rewriting Country Music’s Racist History".'
Artist Shaun Leonardo Wants to Expand the Conversation on Police Brutality Through His Work
'In March, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland canceled a show by artist Shaun Leonardo featuring charcoal drawings depicting several high profile incidents of police brutality. At the time, the museum released a statement saying that, “we encountered troubling community response that suggested at this time we were not prepared to engage with the lived experiences of pain and trauma that the
Kenan Thompson, “S.N.L.” ’s Longest-Running Cast Member
' Kenan Thompson found his calling as a performer at the advanced age of twelve. “I was cutting grass for twenty dollars a lawn—not dependent on the size of the lawn,” he told Vinson Cunningham at the 2019 New Yorker Festival. “People were getting over on ten-year-old Kenan, it wasn’t cool.” Once he began acting, he says, “I got professional at a young age and I took that very seriously.” Having

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Uncle Bobbie's Presents: Bakari Sellers 'My Vanishing Country'
' Uncle Bobbies own Dr. Marc Lamont Hill stayed home with author and state representative Bakari Sellers to discuss his newest work My Vanishing Country: A Memoir .'
People's Party: Talib Kweli & Reginald Hudlin Talk Black Excellence, Afrofuturism and Happy Rap
'In this full episode of People's Party , Talib Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh sit down with acclaimed screenwriter, director, and producer Reginald Hudlin ( House Party , Bernie Mac Show , Django Unchained , Boondocks ) about entertainment, music, and culture, all tying back to a central theme: Black Excellence.' -- UPROXX Video
Actors on Actors: Anthony Mackie & Daveed Diggs
' Anthony Mackie ("Altered Carbon") and Daveed Diggs ("Snowpiercer") join Variety Studios Actors on Actors #At Home for a discussion about race, politics, and Marvel.' -- Variety
A Brief History of Police Impunity in Black Deaths
'Until recent years, there was no reliable data on how many people in the US were killed by police every year, or on the legal outcomes of those killings. But data collected by the Mapping Police Violence project provides some answers, including one that has held steady every year for which we have data: Police are almost never charged with killing someone, and are even less often convicted. The
This Is America: Black Lives, Structural Violence, Protest and Change
'Presented by Brown University 's Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. Panelists include Dr. Joy James (Ebenezer Fitch Professor of Humanities at Williams College), Felicia Denaud (PhD candidate in Africana Studies at Brown), Dr. Brian Meeks (Chair of the Department of Africana Studies at Brown), moderated by Dr. Anthony Bogues (CSSJ Director).'

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How Black-Owned Businesses Are Surviving Without Stimulus
' Black small-business owners have faced hurdles accessing the Paycheck Protection Program. Here’s how the African-American owners of MahoganyBooks in Washington, D.C., have kept their small business afloat.' -- Wall Street Journal
Rodney Evans: "I Was Inspired by a Void in Representattion"
'Filmmaker Rodney Evans talks WORLD Channel through his experience as an LGBTQ+ African American man with a disability. This journey includes his documentary, Vision Portraits, and how a lack of representation deeply informs his work.'

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