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Saturday, April 25, 2020


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Modern Malian Singer Fatoumata Diawara Respects Her Roots
' Malian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor Fatoumata Diawara is a multiple Grammy Award nominee, currently living in Paris. "Fatou" Diawara has become an enthusiastic collaborator - with musicians from other African countries - Cheikh Lô, AfroCubism, and Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou - as well as rock stars like Damon Albarn and Flea and traditional players from Cuba and Brittany. She ha
Issa Rae is Still Rooting for Everybody Black
' As usual, Issa Rae is out here doing the most. She joins Rebecca Carroll to talk about the return of Insecure , how she’s supporting the next generation of black artists, and why black audiences matter the most to her. And how cookie dough is getting her through coronatine.' -- Come Through with Rebecca Carroll
A Moment of True Decolonization #31: Ruth Wilson Gilmore on Beginning of a Perfect Decolonial Moment
' Ruth Wilson Gilmore is Professor of Geography and Director of the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at the City University of New York Graduate Center. A co-founder of many grassroots organizations including California Prison Moratorium Project, and Critical Resistance, she works on racial 

APR 23

TC Carson Reveals He Was Fired From 'Living Single': "We Were Getting Less Than"

' Veteran actor and musician TC Carson sits down for his first one on one with Comedy Hype and opens up about his role as Kyle Barker on Living Single and why he ultimately left the series.' -- Comedy Hype
Unladylike2020: Entrepreneur Maggie Lena Walker

' Maggie Lena Walker was a civil rights activist and successful businesswoman. She gained national prominence when she became the first African-American woman to own a bank.' -- American Masters PBS
Don Cheadle on His Early Acting days and Being Selective in Choosing Roles

' During an online seminar at the AFI Conservatory in April 2020, Don Cheadle talks to AFI Fellows about his early acting days and being selective in choosing roles.' -- American Film Institute
Artist Kadir Nelson's "After the Storm"

' Painters often take moments in history and capture them on canvas, and the current COVID-19 crisis is no exception. The paint is barely dry on one work by artist Kadir Nelson , who revealed his painting "After the Storm," a celebration of the strength of the human spirit, to correspondent Lee Cowan .' -- CBS Sunday Morning
We All Deserve An Income Floor: Why the Bold Policy of Guaranteed Income Works

'How would a universal basic income open up the potential of all people in this country? If guaranteed income is an attempt to provide people with more resources—resources that come with very few restrictions—it demands a conversation with the people who would most benefit from it. It also demands a conversation about deservedness. When we ask “How much would it be?” “Who would get it?” And “How

APR 18

Is Social Media the Future of Epidemiology?

'News and social media are changing the way we learn about and track the spread of infectious diseases. The Takeaway spoke to Dr. Marjorie Pollack , a physician, medical epidemiologist, and deputy editor of ProMED, about how she used local news reports and social media to alert the international community to what we now know as COVID-19, in late December 2019.'
DJ Dahi Unpacks His Spiritual Samples for Pusha T and Kendrick Lamar

'Spinning records backwards was once condemned as satanic. But when DJ Dahi reverses samples — or alters his voice — to produce hits for the likes of Pusha T , Kendrick Lamar or Childish Gambino, it's a ministry of texture and sound.'
In New Film About Gospel Pioneers The Clark Sisters, The Music Comes First

'Director Christine Swanson 's new film is about the celebrated Detroit gospel group, The Clark Sisters. She talks to host Rachel Martin about being adamant about casting women who could actually sing.'

APR 16

Black Like Who?

'It's one of the thorniest questions in any theoretical plan for reparations for Black people: Who should get them? On this episode, Code Switch digs into some ideas about which Black people should and shouldn't receive a payout — which Christina Greer , author of the book Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, And The Pursuit Of The American Dream, estimates would cost at least $10 trillion.'
Artist Billie Zangewa – the Ultimate Act of Resistance is Self-Love

' Artist Billie Zangewa welcomes us at her home in Johannesburg, South Africa. As we tour the city, we learn about what inspires and influences her work. From the love for her son, to her experience of silk as a 'transformative material' – her focus is largely rooted in the home and plays into what she describes as ‘daily feminism’.'
Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor: Why it's so hard to talk about the N-word

'Historian Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor leads a thoughtful and history-backed examination of one of the most divisive words in the English language: the N-word. Drawing from personal experience, she explains how reflecting on our points of encounter with the word can help promote productive discussions and, ultimately, create a framework that reshapes education around the complicated history of racis
Riché D. Richardson: The Hidden Life of Rosa Parks

' Throughout her life, Rosa Parks repeatedly challenged racial violence and the prejudiced systems protecting its perpetrators. Her refusal to move to the back of a segregated bus ignited a boycott that lasted 381 days and helped transform civil rights activism into a national movement. But this work came at an enormous risk— and a personal price. Riché D. Richardson details the life of Rosa Park
Audra McDonald - "Somewhere" | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors

'Broadway star Audra McDonald performs "Somewhere" from West Side Story to honor Michael Tilson Thomas during the 2019 Kennedy Center Honors.
People's Party: Talib Kweli & Gina Yashere Talk Bob Hearts Abishola, UK vs. US Racism

' In this episode of People’s Party , Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with British-born comedian and actor Gina Yashere . The interview spans from Gina's upbringing in London, being raised by Nigerian parents to her path emerging as a globally recognized comedian.'
Sonics & Visuals: Kandace Springs Covers Sade's "Pearls"

Vocalist Kandace Springs offers a thoughtful of Sade 's "Pearls". The song is featured on Springs's The Women Who Raised Me (2020).

Heather C. McGhee: Racism Has a Cost for Everyone

'Racism makes our economy worse -- and not just in ways that harm people of color, says public policy expert Heather C. McGhee . From her research and travels across the US, McGhee shares startling insights into how racism fuels bad policymaking and drains our economic potential -- and offers 
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