Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DeVos, Rahm and Moskowitz. | Fred Klonsky

DeVos, Rahm and Moskowitz. | Fred Klonsky:

DeVos, Rahm and Moskowitz.


Tomorrow is a busy day for the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.
She starts the day with the school-closer-in-chief, Mayor Rahm.
She ends the day with the Queen of Charters, Eva Moskowitz.
Details are not available to the public. The meetings are closed to the press. The exact locations of the meetings are unknown.
Perhaps Rahm will explain his continuing efforts to shut down neighborhood public schools. His latest plan is to close seven African American high schools in and around Englewood in spite of a declared and contractual moratorium on school closings.
Details are not available to the public.
Or maybe he will be sharing his latest high school graduation requirements. The Mayor-Autorcrat – who disdains the idea of citizens electing their school board – woke up the other morning and decided that CPS students should have a letter of acceptance from a college in order to graduate.
Voila! And so it shall be, says  the Mayor-Autocrat.
I bet Betsy wishes she had such power to make things happen. If only she did our kids would be genuflecting and saying the Lord’s Prayer in school this morning.
Which I had to do in first grade, by the way, having been in first grade before the Supreme Court ruled that religious activity had no place in a public school.
But with Gorsuch plus another Trump appointee to the Court, Betsy might get her way.
Her last meet up of the day is with Eva Moskowitz.
Eva was on the short list to be Secretary of Education.
For those of you who live out of New York, Moskowitz is a pre-eminent charter DeVos, Rahm and Moskowitz. | Fred Klonsky: