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Schools Matter: Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 16

Schools Matter: Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 16:

Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 16

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Probably the most graphic display of the unchecked KIPP Model in action was played out in a KIPP school in Fresno, CA, where organizational zeal, moral blindness, and an absence of public oversight and accountability combined to create an abusive, inhumane school environment that remains a testament to the evils inherent in "no excuses" schooling.

The KIPP Foundation pretends that the steroidal application of the kind of "no excuses" schooling implemented by Mr. Tschang at KIPP Fresno is something only in KIPP's past, but the searing narratives by former teachers provided as late as 2016 offer clear evidence that dehumanization, humiliation, total compliance, and unsustainable stress levels remain the coin of the KIPP realm.  

A copy of the Fresno Unified School District's investigation of KIPP Fresno can be downloaded here.


Chapter 16
The KIPP Fresno Story
In the KIPP schools and the schools that emulate the KIPP Model, whether they are regular public or charter, we find the arbitrary separation of cultural factors from socioeconomic class continues to draw attention away from the effects of poverty and discrimination on school performance.  This, in turn, encourages the kinds of depersonalized crustiness among KIPP staff who are focused only on behaviors and attitudes that improve measurable test results. The No Excuses ideology, then, not only ignores the documented effects of poverty on the poor, but it becomes, ironically, an inadequate excuse for justifying morally hazardous acts.
Young, privileged beginning teachers like the ones recruited by Teach for America and other Schools Matter: Understanding KIPP Model Charter Schools: Part 16:

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