Friday, February 20, 2015

Park the PARCC: toolkit for refusal | More than a Score Chicago

Park the PARCC: toolkit for refusal | More than a Score Chicago:

Park the PARCC!


Your child can refuse PARCC testing.  Although the IL State Board of Education does not recognize parental right to opt children out of testing, they have instructed districts that they can develop a policy for those students who refuse testing.
In the federal school code mandating annual testing, Section 6311 (b)(3)(c) (ix) says that “Assessments shall […] provide for the participation in such assessments of all students” not that schools must force every child to participate against their and their families wishes.
We recommend informing your school in writing of the following:
My child will be refusing all PARCC testing. I expect school officials and employees to treat my child with kindness and respect and allow them to engage in alternative quiet activities during the test. Please let me know what arrangements you are making for my child and others who refuse PARCC.
Below are materials you may find useful for during the testing window:
As of Friday, February 20th, CPS has not yet informed all schools whether they will take the test and has not released a districtwide policy for refusing students.
Let us know what is happening before and during the testing window at your school: Call (413)-3OPT-OUT or email or tweet @MTAS_chicago.
We are happy to give support and advice to any parent/guardians running into difficulties.
Expecting children to refuse high-stakes standardized testing themselves and ignoring parent/guardian wishes on this matter is wrong. We need an opt out law in Illinois.Learn more here about HB 306 the Opt Out Bill and call your state rep and senator to demand that they support it.
More resources on PARCC:
Sample PARCC tests: Go to “Test Preparation” -> “Sample Tests”
Park the PARCC petition requesting that IL State Board of Education seek a waiver from the US Department of Education
Park the PARCC position paper (pdf in English and in Spanish)
What you need to know about PARCC (English and Spanish)
How and Why to Park the PARCC webinar recording (Powerpoint slides)
Evanston Township board meeting. Discussion of problems with PARCC administration for high schools beginning at minute 47.
Public letter from 30 Illinois school districts opposing 2015 administration of the PARCC (2.3.2014)
Letter from 42 Illinois school districts asking for a delay in PARCC administration(1.30.2015)