Friday, February 20, 2015

Memo To Civil Rights Activists: Testing Isn’t Helping Education Opportunity Network

Education Opportunity Network:

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Memo To Civil Rights Activists: Testing Isn’t Helping

Is forcing every child to take annual standardized tests in reading and math a civil rights issue? That certainly seems to be one of the questions most in consideration in Washington, DC, since deliberations began on how to rewrite the federal government’s most significant education policy No Child Left Behind. Back in January, when Congressional […]

Why Democrats Must Categorically Reject Bobby Jindal’s Education Plan

My colleague Bill Scher recently called our attention to an opinion piece by Thomas Edsall in The New York Times which revealed “the Republican appropriation of leftist populist rhetoric.” Republicans “plan to bring the fight to the Democrats on their own turf,” according to Edsall. Edsall cites numerous examples of “the Republican appropriation of leftist […]

Is This The End Of Education Austerity?

Don’t get too excited yet, but there are signs we may have finally turned a corner for the better in the war for public school financing. Recently, government officials and politicians – from the Beltway to the heartland – have declared allegiance to do what has been, up until now, the unmentionable: Spend more money […]

Senator Warren Clarifies The Money Matter In Revising NCLB

Where can Democrats find clarity in the current debate over how to rewrite No Child Left Behind legislation? For sure, we appear to be in the midst of is an education policy turmoil where instead of right and left “meeting in the middle,” what we see instead are forces on the right and left coming […]

Democrats Should Listen To What Senator Whitehouse Said About Education Policy

A curious thing happened this week on Capitol Hill: A politician said something about education that made sense. The “something” didn’t come from President Obama. In the president’s annual State of the Union address, “K-12 policy largely took a back seat”, Education Week’s Alyson Klein observed. Indeed, the issue was barely in the car. Although […]