Sunday, June 29, 2014

6-29-14 Jersey Jazzman Jammin' All Week

Jersey Jazzman:

The REAL Objection to Adequate School Funding
Every once in a while, the school defunders give away the game:[NJ State Senator Mike] Doherty [R- Tea Party] also brought up what he said was another broken promise from Christie. He said the governor had promised to make equal school funding a key theme of the 2013 campaign, in which all 120 seats in the Legislature were up for grabs. He expanded on that when I spoke to him Friday. "It was

6-28-14 Jersey Jazzman NJ Ed News Round-up Jammin' All Week
Jersey Jazzman:Jersey Jazzman Jammin' All WeekCharter School Cream Skimming Doesn't Always Pay OffThere's a bit of a "he said/she said" thing going on in Jersey City between the school district and a charter school:After telling Jersey City parents two weeks ago that the school district was investigating a possible data breach of personal student information, and then saying two days lat