Sunday, June 29, 2014

6-29-14 @ THE CHALK FACE


Louisiana “Annual Tests” Tied Up in the New Mexico Courts?
June 18, 2014, was an interesting day in Louisiana politics and education. (I realize these two are now one and the same, but humor me.) One event of June 18 was Governor Bobby Jindal’s decision to suspend Louisiana’s involvement in PARCC because Louisiana State Superintendent John White, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), and the […]

At the Chalk Face: Education Talk Radio (Sundays at 6PM EST)
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How is #teacherprep really different at Western Governor’s?
We keep hearing about these NCTQ teacher preparation rankings. There’s so much critique out there of NCTQ as a legitimate research organization, of their data and methods, I don’t even have to get into it. I’m hearing a lot about Western Governors University. I was only vaguely aware of the institution prior to the “rankings.” […]

All Week 6-28-14 @ THE CHALK FACE
@ THE CHALK FACE : All Week @ THE CHALK FACE Van Roekel to NEA: With what will you replace the accountability system?It’s not the first time Dennis Van Roekel (DVR) has asked this loaded question. Last year, DVR asked the NEA membership at large, during an interview, with what they would purport to replace the Common Core State Standards, if we did get rid of them.  Now, he’s asking the same quest