Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lawyer For Teachers; Bryan Glass Attorney-at-Law

Lawyer For Teachers; Bryan Glass Attorney-at-Law

I should be writing about the contract and upcoming vote, but everyone else is, I'm in a contrarian
mood, and I have something to share.

Back in December I raised $665, less the 10% fee, through GoFundMe so I can put down a deposit on hiring an outside attorney. That turned out not to be quite enough for the lawyer, and we had to save and scrimp a little more through April until I finally retained the him.

In the last 2 months or so I have consulted, retained, and conferred with my attorney Bryan Glass as we prepare to take the NYCDOE, and others to federal court. For those that donated and/or sent me emotional support I apologize in not being more forthcoming and sharing more information.

There were several reasons for this. I wanted to keep things pretty close to the vest until I retained Bryan, the case it turned out is quite sensitive in nature and I couldn't share too many facts, and at one time we thought we might settle and I did not want to throw a monkey wrench into that. But now the gloves are in the process of being removed.

On another note, words alone cannot describe Bryan Glass. There are not enough superlatives I can think of to say how smart, intuitive, and caring as he is.

If you are a teacher in trouble, about to be in trouble, being harassed, being belittled, or anything, you need to call or email Bryan ASAP.

Bryan truly believes in what he is doing. Bryan is not in this fight for himself, but for the teacher that has no other place to turn, for the teachers that is being bullied, for the teacher that cries herself to work everyday, for the teacher who needs their feelings validated, for the teacher that feels helpless.