Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-29-13 Curmudgucation


Transparency For Reals
Reformsters loves them some transparency. However, "transparency" what they means is "we want to show your school scores and teacher VAM scores and other fun data-ish stuff to the whole world." But if that's transparency, then Phyllis Schafly is a stripper. "Transparency" means that the man behind the curtain will pass out some numbers and we will treat them as revela

What Reformy Thing Most Needs To Die?
It's a fun thought experiment. If you could erase one aspect of the Reformy test-driven high-stakes privatizing Core-loving status quo, which would it be. If you had the political power to eliminate one head of the public-education-crushing hydra, which decapitation would lead your list?Yes, this is like playing "What would you do if you won the lottery," and yes, the various parts of th

5-28-13 Curmudgucation
CURMUDGUCATION: #AskArne: Teach To Lead To Lead The Teaching LeadersBad news: Arne and the US DOE are back with another scrumdiliicious video interview with his royal Arneness.Good news: It's not all completely ridiculous. And as always, I'll watch it so that you don't have to. More times than usual, it turns out. I like to watch with the sound off to get a better non-verbal read, but the only cap