Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fishin’ 4 Schools | EduShyster

Fishin’ 4 Schools | EduShyster:

Fishin’ 4 Schools

 The CEO of Charter Schools USA puts his yacht, Fishin’ 4 Schools, up 4 sale

yachtsmanHave you ever encountered a story so sadly tragic that you were forced to break your own rule regarding pre-noon winebox decanting?  I have… Hankies at the ready, reader, for we are *going there.* I’m talking about the super sad true tale of Charter Schools USA founder and CEO Jonathan Hage and his wrenching decision topart with his yacht: the aptly named Fishin’ 4 Schools. In other words, onto every teak deck a little salt water must spray. It’s time to don your stripes, reader; we’re goin’ fishin’.
Gone Fishin’
Our story starts in a locale from which so much excellence and achievement springs these days: Florida, USA. That’s where Hage, who runs one of the country’s largest networks of for-profit charter schools, and his attorney/first mate, Edward Pozuolli Esq., registered their yacht, Fishin’ 4 Schools, along with an LLC of the same name. (Major shout out to Coral Springs columnist *Sharon Aron Baron* for dragging this story out into the Florida sunshine.)
The Fishin' 4 Schools, now 4 sale 4 $350K.
The Fishin’ 4 Schools, now 4 sale 4 $350K.
Double or nothin’
Now as you no doubt recall from your own summer idylls floating off of the French